Read Well, Humans

At the end of the Chronicle, life had become very strange. But it was about to become even stranger. The following takes place subsequent to the ending of The Last Book Ever Published, officially known as The Life and Times of Halycon Sage. His name was Nano Prime One...
Your Thoughts – and a Secret Revealed

Your Thoughts – and a Secret Revealed

While this blog might appear to be about me, me, me, my book, my musings, blah, blah, blah–a ‘blahg’, in fact–it’s actually intended as a springboard for your thoughts and our discussion together. Various topics will open up, and your responses are vital, though...
Bill the Cat and the Holy Sparks

Bill the Cat and the Holy Sparks

The words “cathect” and “cathexis” are frustrating in the extreme because they have a wonderful meaning combined with a truly horrid sound. When my cat throws up, he inexplicably runs backwards, making the sounds of someone who has swallowed a fish bone. (If you read...

What the heck is this book about?

It’s about seven ounces. But seriously . . . This book is about the colliding of different worlds of consciousness. Life looks different from behind each pair of eyes; some versions are similar enough that a consensus reality can be established. The different...
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