Since books that sound alike are sometimes grouped together in the public mind, we of the LightSQUIDian Federation and the Dry Gulch Creek Editorial Board hereby repudiate any similarity between The Book of Squidly Light and various horror publications with titles or author names containing the words “light” or “squid”. Rather than wishing to “make your skin crawl and your nights sleepless” we hope to bring you comfort, inspiration, illumination, joy, and laughter.

To this declaration we hereby (therefore, heretofore, and henceforth) set our hand and seal—our hand, tentacle, paw, hoof, and seal.

Sophie McGregor, Valedictorian
Basel Vasselschnauzer, Ph.D.
F. Atty Lumpkin, esq. (Fatty Lumpkin), a Feline American Attorney
The Squidren of Squidship One
No-Name Stupid, a Horse