As a young alien Squid remarked recently, there’s always more to say about any topic. Anything at all can be explored into infinite depth. Everything is a hologram, containing copies and images of itself down to and beyond the microscopic level so that, with the proper attitude and equipment, one could spend a lifetime studying the left hind leg of a tiny ant. (If you don’t believe me, look at Appendix B of The Book of Squidly Light where aspiring academic Sophie McGregor analyzes Halycon Sage’s two-sentence novel Hat! for three-and-a-half pages.)

There are reasons why Sage wanted to palm off the aliens’ desire for the whole story with the ten-word tabloid headline, “Breaking news!! Alien time travel scandal spins out of control!”  He tried this sort of nonsense again later, answering a polite request for a summary with this little gem: “The Book of Squidly Light. Contains everything. Coming soon.” Needless to say, we, his Editors, did not tolerate this. (To see what happened, click here.)

If Sage had known he would have to write a 248-page novel, he would have jumped right back on No-Name Stupid and galloped out over the horizon into the trackless desert! Fortunately for us all, he did not know, and the Squidren did not let him get away with this. Nor did we, your faithful friends

— The Editors