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What He Wrote

When we left our hero last time: “Halycon Sage forgot the button and went back to his daydreaming. He had been wondering lately if he should begin another minimalist novel.” Here is what he wrote: Stranger by Halycon Sage Every time you think life can’t get any...

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Laundromat of Awakening (or Not)

“It’s so peaceful,” thought Halycon Sage. “So peaceful.” He appreciated the quiet. No traffic noise, no blaring radios and televisions, no booming, conversation-stopping aeroplanes. (He always thought of them as “aeroplanes”.) To his knowledge, he had never been in...

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What Red Button?

Nano Prime One stared at the apparition before him. Ordinarily the Nanobots went about their business systematically and without emotion, dismantling nuclear weapons, hand guns, gas-powered lawn mowers and fancy electric ice cream machines–anything not exempted by...

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