“So tightly wrapped and profoundly structured that I’m sure I missed at least 14 significant clues as to the REAL meaning of the narrative!”            – a Reader

In approaching the publication of the sequel SQUID!!, it has come to our attention that posting mostly funny stuff about these two books might lead to a wrong conclusion.

SQUID!! is Halycon Sage squared. Both books are written in layers, the humorous and the deadly serious, and they move through individual, social, ecological, and spiritual levels in no particular order. (There’s a related message for you in SQUID!! from The Cat Fatty Lumpkin, now residing in the Spirit World. We praise you for persisting in your perusal of this project.)

Happy reading!

P.S. The interim title of the new book is This Book is Not Called SQUID!! The real title is known to Halycon Sage and a few of his friends, including me, his humble biographer, and will be revealed in due time. The working title is SQUID!!, and there’s a terrible temptation to spell it with multiple Ds, as: SQUIDDD!!!!!


1. The Life and Times of Halycon Sage: The Last Book Ever Published, is the first of the Sage Chronicles, the second of which is SQUID!! This may be what’s now called a duology, or — who knows? — it may grow into a trilogy.

2. In case anyone thinks it’s shameless to exploit the memory of a Dead Cat for self-promotion, I must respond that (a) I don’t believe this cat is “dead”, as nobody is, really, and (b) I’m not entirely sure Fatty, a.k.a. F. Atty. Lumpkin, Esq., is not actually participating in this effort. Some of you knew him: He was indeed a genius.

Discerning critic Basel Vasselschnauzer hereby apologizes to you for the appalling use of ‘Capital Letters to Signal Importance’ — see how annoying that is — in this posting and in these works as a whole. — B.V.

Shut up, Basel. — Halycon Sage