Happy Mother’s Day to All!

Halycon Sage doesn’t know who his mother is for reasons you’ll find in the book.

But here’s my mother.  The writing on the back says, “Little Miss Goodie Two Shoes,” and you can see how adorable she was.

She grew up to be a piano player, photographer, painter of beautiful water colors, and author of two plays and a novel.

A sophisticated lady, she also had moments of great sweetness and a monster sense of humor.



Born on May 11, 1926, Mom was never crazy about Mothers’ Day because she said she had that weekend first!

If she were alive today she’d be 99 and would probably want you to read my forthcoming metafictional Sci-Fi novel, This book is not called SQUID!! Well, that’s what we’re calling it for now.

Real title: To be revealed this summer!