“Halycon Sage was life, simplicity, Reality, the breath of mystery – the thing we all believe before we don’t. That was Halycon Sage.” – The Life and Times of Halycon Sage

So, here’s the good news: The doors and portals, Aladdin’s Cave (with far better jewels than rubies and diamonds), the sign “For Madmen Only” that appears and disappears on the alley wall — they’re all real. Perhaps not in detail, but in essence.  And the quest to find them is real too, and anyone deeply willing can go. We all know the requisites: courage, determination, and the ability to last through deserts of boredom, high ocean waves of fear, and distracting tropical islands of temptation to false trails and bad values. (No worries, though, because they lead to deserts of awe-filled silence, oceans of love and mercy, and tropical islands of infinitely profuse and detailed beauty.) Also required: imagination, the ability to throw off the dull, banal, deadening enchantment that says there is no sun, but only a lamp in a dungeon, made sun by your self-delusion*. So, the eternal call is sounding, the leap is there to be taken. There are a thousand, million doors and portals that work — just choose what the possibly mythical Don Juan Matus called “a path with heart”. This has been a public service announcement from the Friends of the Unseen, the makers of Halycon Sage and his Author.


*As in The Silver Chair, by C.S. Lewis