At the end of the Chronicle, life had become very strange. But it was about to become even stranger. The following takes place subsequent to the ending of The Last Book Ever Published, officially known as The Life and Times of Halycon Sage.

His name was Nano Prime One A. It was pointed out to him later that this was highly redundant, that one such designation indicating his original and primary status would have been enough. But the Nanobots, though brilliant in some ways, are very stupid in others, and wordsmithing may never be their strong point. Still, he was eventually convinced to be known simply as Prime One.

He was Prime One because he was the first of the millions upon millions of Nanobots* to awaken. To be continued . . .

*The word “Nanobot” is capitalized here, not because we are unaware of the rules of capitalization regarding proper and improper nouns. (And the Nanobots are very proper, observing their social rules and prime+10,000 directives with machine-like rigor. Not surprising, because they are, after all, machines.) Be that as it may, they are just not any old nanobots such has can be found in many science fiction stories and even, possibly by now, in what is laughingly referred to as “real life”. These are extra-special, earth-changing, world-saving, society-shifting nanobots invented by the redoubtable Preiczech himself. We are informed that this footnote has blathered on for far too long, and will take note soon, as we always honor our prime and other directives. Uh . . . They do, that is. But first we must inform you of one of the most special things about the Nanobots. Though normally invisible, to the many-times-magnifying eye, they have color. They are red and silver. This will become important to the chain of events, as you will see, so remember well: Red and silver.