” ‘You, kid!’ she called out an open window. ‘Get everybody to the Dirty Dog in thirty minutes. Step on it!’

‘Step on what?’ asked Nuri. He was brilliant, though very young, and did not have a particularly literal mind, but the constant switching between Arabic, Ebonics, and various dialects such as Old Hippie and Preisczech’s sprung English had left him ignorant of idioms.

‘That means hurry up!’ said Ruby, grasping his confusion. And he did.”  — From the Book of Squidly Light

In Book One, The Life and Times of Halycon Sage:

  • Who was too young to realize his Iraqi immigrant dad could lose everything, even though he’d done nothing wrong?
  • Who thought he was on a great family vacation while sitting homeless on a curb with Mom, Dad, and an Unnamed Cat?

NURI, that’s who!

In Book Two, The Book of Squidly Light:

  • Who’s the first person to encounter the Apocalypse Zombie — all by himself, with no responsible adult around at all?
  • Who gets the first peek into the alien holy book, The Book of Lighted Squid?
  • Who has a first name that means “light,” a middle name that means “love,” and is waaaay more powerful than anyone from his home planet could ever understand?

NURI, that’s who!

Pondering parallelograms or crawling after his green metal truck, this kid just might be the one to save the world.