Tarzun Returns: A Simple Person for Complex Times (with Apologies to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Johnny Weissmuller)

Does anybody remember the old Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller? A significant feature was his dialogue, always simple and to the point. “Tarzan hungry!” “Tarzan need Jane!” “Tarzan want Boy clean room now!” Somehow over a period of years, your humble author has picked up this method of talking to and about herself while accomplishing the simple tasks of the day. “Tarzan mad! Where Tarzan park car?”

As happened previously with the Halycon Sage characters, this new iteration of Tarzan has assumed a greater reality and is about to step from the private into the group reality. But since the original Tarzan is already known and loved around the world, we’re going to call this guy “Tarzun,” which is how the actor pronounced it. You’ll be hearing from him in future  (as well as hearing more from a previously anonymous Orange Cat, beloved pet of an Iraqi-American family, mentioned briefly in The Life and Times of Halycon Sage).

Tarzun is normally a simple being, but one day he made a brief foray into self-reflection, hopefully an isolated incident. Still, he is proud of his intellectual effort and unprecedented spiritual insight and wants to share it with you. This is what he realized: “Tarzun refer to self in third person!”

Kwaheri! (That means “Bye” in Swahili.)