The Book of Squidly Light

The Continuing Chronicles of Halycon Sage


Upon being asked by the Editors to write something about his new novel, Halycon Sage provided this:

“The Book of Squidly Light. Contains everything. Coming soon.”

Some of you may think this is funny. I do not. Basel Vasselschnauzer, Ph.D. (ha!) having threatened a nervous breakdown and gone off to get a sandwich, I was left to deal with this alone. With the aid of Ruby, Jenny, Preisczech, No-Name Stupid, the attorney-cat Fatty Lumpkin and a number of the larger Squidren, I have prevailed on Mr. Sage to reconsider his authorial responsibilities. (I believe a Squid is sitting on him as we speak.)

— Sophie McGregor, Valedictorian, Dry Gulch Creek High School 2018.

The Book of Squidly Light is an intensely passionate and serious rollicking romp filled with hijinks and intimations of doom, with the dual purpose of amusing and instructing you, while doing our best to save the Earth!

From the Afterword:

Like the metaphysical system of the Squidren, The Book of Squidly Light contains various threads:

  • life in a post-apocalyptic desert town
  • multicultural people and cross-cultural or cross-species romances
  • the thoughts and behaviors of space aliens
  • suddenly-sentient nanobots
  • rituals — both holy and unholy
  • poetry written by cats and horses
  • a critique of some life-denying attitudes that threaten us all
  • and even a few Secrets of the Universe.

If you read this book, you will also get to know (and perhaps, love), the enormous sparkly blue, word-obsessed, sociologically-aware, intergalactic, telepathic, time- traveling, dimension-hopping Squidren!

Now please get off me. I understand the Nanobots are serving sandwiches.


— Halycon Sage, founder of the Post-Modernist Minimalist Neo-Symbolist Pseudo-Realist School of Literature