We on the Book of Squidly Light Publication Team have received a comment from an anonymous dog. Feeling that The Cat Fatty Lumpkin (deceased) is the best one to handle this inquiry, which is not precisely relevant to what we are doing, we have turned the matter over to him. Here, for your enjoyment and edification, is a record of their correspondence, offered in dialogue form.

ANONYMOUS DOG: Why Are There No “Dogagories?” I Protest!

FATTY LUMPKIN (F. Atty. Lumpkin, Esq.): But in all the annals of world religions, you will find no mention of  “Catma”! This cuts both ways, my canine friend!

ANONYMOUS READER: How does the cat type if he has no thumbs? He isn’t some strange new ‘thumbed cat’, is he?

SQUIDLY LIGHT TEAM: Reader, please pay closer attention. This cat has migrated to the Spirit World. He does it with his mind, of course!